PARCC test scores are in

Published 12:57 pm Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers test results are in, and Mississippi school districts, including Oxford and Lafayette, are exceeding expectations.

PARCC is a standard set of K–12 assessments in mathematics and English. Two results came back in algebra I and English II and scores were categorized into levels one through five.

Level three is equivalent to a “C” score of passing, level four denotes the students have a strong understanding and level five represents an above-average score. Qualifying students were assessed on a national level in grades three through eight.

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State Superintendent of Education Dr. Carey M. Wright said Thursday, “I am very, very encouraged by these results.”

Over 42 percent of students in the state met the PARCC standards scored in levels four or five.

“Our students performed well,” Oxford School Board Superintendent Brian Harvey said. “We did not remove any eligible students from taking the assessments. In fact we probably allowed some middle-schoolers to take the algebra course and be tested who were not quite ready.”

Harvey said it is almost impossible to compare the assessments from years past to last year’s PARCC assessment because the standards changed and so did the assessments.

Although Oxford performed well, Harvey said Oxford still has work to do.

“Steps have already been taken to improve those scores at the bottom end,” Harvey said. “At Oxford High School, all English II students with the exception of Honors English are double blocked. This allows students to get extra help before the assessment is given in the spring. The algebra standards and assessments are more rigorous than in previous years. As more specific results are received we will evaluate where we are as a district and make decisions accordingly.”

As did Oxford, Lafayette school district did well in the fourth and fifth levels. Lafayette School District Superintendent Adam Pugh said he attributes the success to the faculty and staff of Lafayette schools.

“We have some outstanding teachers, I wish I could take credit,” Pugh said.

Pugh said the teachers put a lot into students to ensure they are engaged and challenged on a daily basis. Lafayette’s next move is to begin preparing for next year.

“We’ve got a new test we received today of sample items that we will look at and try to improve,” Pugh said.

Lafayette County’s K-12 curriculum director,  Jeremy Stinson, said, “The state is currently revising the MCCRS for grades 3-8, English II, and algebra I to be released later this school year.  The Questar assessment for the 2016-2017 school year will assess the new standards.”

Wright said she is proud of the teachers across this state because it shows Mississippi students can compete educationally on a national scale.

The Details


Oxford School District

371 tested in algebra 1

45.3 percent made Level 4

1.6 percent made Level 5

Oxford High School

260 tested in algebra 1

26.2 made Level 4

0.8 percent made Level 5

Oxford Middle School

111 tested in algebra 1

90.1 percent made Level 4

3.6 percent made Level 5

Lafayette School District

300 tested in algebra 1

48 percent made Level 4

1.7 percent made Level 5

Lafayette High School

278 tested in algebra 1

45.3 percent made Level 4

0.4 percent made Level 5

Lafayette Middle School

22 tested in algebra 1

81.8 percent made Level 4

18.2 percent made Level 5


Oxford High School

291 tested in English II

34.4 made Level 4

32.3 percent made Level 5

Lafayette High School

180 tested in English II

40.6 percent made Level 4

21.1 percent made Level 5