It’s the flag of the state, not of UM

Published 2:45 pm Monday, November 9, 2015

The recent decision by a group at Ole Miss to remove the state flag shows just how bazaar political correctness has become.

In the first place, two-thirds of Mississippi taxpayers voted to adopt our present flag. It appears that the group who voted for the removal of the flag exists in some kind of PC vacuum where a handful of them think they can thumb their noses at two-thirds of the people in this state. The University belongs to the people of the state of Mississippi. If those who cast this vote could think for themselves, instead of simply repeating things they have been told, they and the University would be a lot better off.

As a person who lived through the ’60s, there is nothing new that this group can shed on this issue to me and other Mississippians. Most of them weren’t even born when these things happened. It confirms the shallow thinking of those who think removing symbols will somehow improve race relations in this state. If they want the flag changed, they should follow the rules like everyone else and turn out the votes and change it.

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As far as the school is concerned, it is time that the alumni put a stop to this type of nonsense by withholding their giving.  It is also time that the governor and legislature make it clear to these people, that when they to stop taking state funding, they can start making these kinds of decisions. I doubt that will happen.

In conclusion, there are thousands of schools in this country which have flags and symbols who would make these people feel better about themselves.

Maybe they should look into going to those schools instead of telling two-thirds of this state that we just don’t matter. If there is any question as to where they are, I suggest that they read the signs at the entrance to the school that say, “Welcome to the University of MISSISSIPPI”

Bobby Clanton

Holly Springs