New details may emerge soon on Oxford Springs

Published 12:00 pm Monday, November 9, 2015

What is Oxford Springs subdivision?

What is known is that it is the latest in several county housing developments that are either seeking approval from officials or are under construction.

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At last week’s Lafayette County Board of Supervisors meeting, officials learned a little more about the project, which is part of 2,200 acres located on Woodson Ridge Road about a mile south of the 90-degree curve on the stretch of county road.

The subdivision received preliminary and final site plan approval from supervisors contingent upon health department approval. The first phase of the development includes 10 3-acre lots with each driveway coming off County Road 215.

The state health department must approve the project because there are at least 10 lots, according to Britt. The 30-acre project is part of 2,200 acres the developers currently own and it seems no one knows what the future plans of the development will entail.

“I don’t know their future plans. Obviously they have intentions on development at some time. Right now this is the only thing they want to get going with no infrastructure costs,” said Jeff Williams with Williams Engineering.

Lafayette County Planning Commission chairman T.J. Ray is one of those with some concerns about the project, despite the fact he voted in favor of the development during the planning commission meeting the week before.

“I voted for this application the other night when we had it on our table,” Ray said. “I would feel a lot happier about it if we had at least some sort of plat of what the whole development is going to be like. This thing has been kicked around so many years, up and down with that scheme and this scheme and the other scheme that it seems to me we ought to have an interest at least in what’s going to go on behind it. It wouldn’t be unusual to ask for a plat of the whole area with this part designated for immediate development.”

Williams said he didn’t think that would be a problem.

“I don’t know how far along this process is in designing this project,” Williams said. “Obviously a schematic for the potential use would be in order. We could produce that  and maybe submit it next time to the planning commission just to review to see what the master plan looks like. “

Williams said that would be subject to a lot of change because it’s such a large parcel of land.