Use of solar power good for state of Mississippi

Published 12:00 pm Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Mississippi Public Service Commission approved three large solar power projects on Tuesday.

These projects will produce more than 105 megawatts of electricity and were funded with more than $193 million by companies in Hattiesburg, Sumrall and Gulfport. Energy produced by the projects will be used over the next 25 years.

“We are watching low -ost solar power go from a hope for the future to a current reality,” Northern District Public  Service Commissioner Brandon Presley said on Tuesday. “These projects bring tangible proof that the sky is the limit when it comes to how we power our state.

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“This is only the beginning, and I know that the more options we have available for electricity, the cheaper we can make it for customers.”

These developments show Mississippi is playing a part in creating clean and cost-effective forms of electricity for residents. Thanks to the Public Service Commission’s approval, electricity costs for thousands of customers will be lowered over the next few years.

More importantly, these projects will provide natural and renewable sources of energy that require little maintenance and do not pollute the environment.

We hope these projects will be successful and that Mississippi will continue to work toward cleaner and more cost effective energy sources for its residents. It is important for Oxford to watch these projects and be open to the opportunity of bringing clean energy developments to our area.

Think of the benefits having a project like these would have on the Lafayette-Oxford-University of Mississippi community and how a lower energy bill could bring more opportunities to families who live in Oxford.

These developments also will bring jobs to the Hattiesburg, Sumrall and Gulfport areas. As Lafayette County grows, the additional employment opportunities of such projects would also benefit our community and stimulate our economy.

Hattiesburg Farm, LLC, Mississippi Solar, LLC and CB Energy, LCC are the three companies responsible for completing the projects. We look forward to hearing more about their developments, and the possibility of something similar being developed in Oxford.