Hunting our next debate fodder

Published 6:00 am Sunday, November 15, 2015

Another issue crept into Lafayette County while we were busy either watching or avoiding football.

And like Initiative 42 and the state flag, the issue divides us roughly 50/50. And I’m not talking about the stupid Starbucks cup debacle.

I’m talking about deer hunting. And to narrow this down a bit, specifically deer hunting photos that have started popping up as Eagle Eyes on Page 2.

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Some people are violently opposed to hunting. Personally, I’m not opposed to going to the woods to respectfully find your meat for the year instead of going to Kroger. I’ll just never do that personally. What I am opposed to is the people who just joy-ride their four-wheelers, drinking beer, shooting deer and just leaving them dead on people’s property. Whether we like hunting or not, there is an exploding deer population, and until they can get on a transport and be shipped to where there is a shortage like we are forced to do with the unwanted animals people allow to breed, this is where we are at.

I’ve fielded calls this week from upset readers about the EAGLE running photos of toddlers and young children holding up their deceased deer they apparently shot during youth hunting season. Some even have said they don’t mind the photos, but the ones of the young children with guns as big as themselves, holding up their trophies, bothers them.

I guess my question is, do those toddlers and young children have the fine motor skills to where they are actively participating in the kill or is it just mom and dad pulling the trigger? Sometimes it seems a toddler has about as many fine motor skills as the drunk college kid I saw being propped up by a flower planter one late, late Saturday night after leaving work. 

Like all of the issues that have popped up since summer, I do have a stance. But, as long as our readers are also divided and we have some on each side of the wavelength, for the time being I will run the deer photos that pass a breakfast test. If they have blood that will be visible after the printing process, it’s likely not getting in.

For the people who hate the photos, please send in something happy to balance the stacks. Some photo ideas are deer munching on backyard vegetation in peace, or a puppy frolicking without a care in the world, or children reading — always a good thing.

In fact, some photos of children who just finished their book, holding it up like a trophy, would be the best trophy of all.

Stephanie Rebman is editor of the Oxford EAGLE. Contact her at