More than a Meal thanks helpers

Published 6:00 am Thursday, November 26, 2015

What if we are not known for our church denominations, political affiliations, dislikes or judgments?

What if it is not for what we are against but what we are for? What if we are known for our kindness?

Because we are for people and we are for each other and we are for those suffering.

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This generation, right now, the one’s growing up in this broken world are watching. They are seeing how we treat one another and how we speak about one another. We can show them who and what we are for and their lives will be the evidence of our kindness.

More Than a Meal thanks those who have come out to support our town by bringing meals, programs, collecting hygiene products, donating funds and bringing themselves to serve and tutor.   

Service is where we make change in individual lives, one beautiful person at a time.

Our meals this year have been provided by Grace Bible Church, Ole Miss Athletic Foundation, St. John’s Catholic Church, Phi Mu, First Presbyterian Church, Jordan Temple, Ole Miss Football Wives, and Alpha Omicron Pi sorority. Programs have been given by Ole Miss Pharmacy with flu shots, blood and sugar tests, and health screenings. Other thank-you’s go to Soulshine Pizza, Panera Bread, Jeremy Kennedy, Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, Chi Omega sorority, My Michelle’s, Meghan Demehenko, and Crystal Combs for their generous donations. All of your efforts have come together to make us stronger as a town that we can all be proud to be a part of.

Thank you for all that you do to support our community and for being the reason so many have been blessed this year. Be the blessing and witness change. Kindness will always win.

Jessica Perkins

More Than a Meal