Remember the reason for the season

Published 12:00 pm Wednesday, December 2, 2015

By Preston Ray Garrett

Children and adults across America are gleefully sharing their excitement with everyone because the most joyful time of the year is here.

We should pause and consider what actually makes this time of year so wonderful. This season of the year is wonderful and joyous because of the spirit of giving.

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Although the politically correct deny it, this time of year is wonderful for the simple reason that it celebrates the greatest gift of all. Christmas is wonderful because it is CHRISTmas.

Children will go to sleep on Christmas Eve eagerly anticipating the presents they will find Santa has left on Christmas morning. Adults also will give and exchange presents, but the question we should ask when encountering those who are supposedly offended by Christmas is if it is not about the birth of Jesus Christ what is Christmas about?

After all, the exchanging of presents is purely symbolic of the gift from God of His only begotten son.

Despite the obscene commercialism of Christmas by the retail industry, the simple truth remains that the entire holiday is a celebration of Christ. This season is no more about the so-called “winter holidays” than Thanksgiving is about turkey or football. Thanksgiving is a day set aside in America to express thanks for the blessings of our God upon us, and yes this has always meant our Heavenly Father.  Christmas and Thanksgiving are Christian holidays just as Easter is. The politically correct would have us tell our children that Easter is about spring, but in truth it is a celebration of Jesus Christ just as Christmas is.

Political correctness, like reality television, has become silly to the point of absurdity. Unfortunately, while most of us have grown bored with both, the liberal Democrats continue to attack Christmas while denying that they are doing so. Fortunately actions speak much louder than words so anyone who finds Christmas offensive should take this suggestion to heart.

If Christmas offends you then simply refuse to celebrate it, but do so in a meaningful manner that is respectful of those of us who do wish to celebrate Christmas. Rather than demanding that we listen to you complain about how the traditions of Christmas offend you, do something positive.

Take your Christmas bonus and give it to charity then take all of your Christmas presents to Goodwill. After all, it is hypocritical to accept a gift the symbolism of which is offensive to you. Then be kind and volunteer to work Christmas so that your co-worker can be at home with family.

If you are offended by Christmas do this and Christians will respect you, but if you will not please stop spoiling Christmas for everyone else.

Preston Ray Garrett is an Oxford attorney.  Contact him at