Give us some food feedback

Published 12:00 pm Monday, December 14, 2015

When the EAGLE went through a redesign in the fall we added a food story for the front page each Thursday.

This spot has seen a wide variety of food topics. It’s featured restaurants, food-oriented businesses, special projects or initiatives at restaurants and more.

The past two weeks I have featured hunters and what their favorite recipe is for cooking at their hunting camps. The first one was duck, just in time for duck season. And the most recent was for deer, which will give folks something to cook for quite a while since deer season is ongoing currently and freezers throughout Lafayette County will be stocked the next few months with venison.

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This week the food feature will be on an author who is tickled Millennials are getting into food and examining where it truly comes from. She’s very pleased to see people taking an interest in all-natural, locally grown food and is pleased to live in Oxford where we have the Southern Foodways Alliance and people embracing the farm to table movement.

This leads me to wonder what you, the reader, would like to see more of in the food story every week. New restaurants are an obvious pick, as are features on really good cooks in the area.

Do you know of a fabulous cook? Perhaps someone who brings an amazing casserole or dessert to a church or company gathering and it is gone in literally five minutes? Or maybe it’s your grandma, who always makes that perfect chili or lasagna.

Do you have a friend like I do, who is from the Delta and believes every guest should have food and a drink in hand no matter what? Even if it is cut up pickles and crackers on a plate, my friend will have some sort of lovely plate of food to munch on. If you have a friend like that or someone who is a spectacular cook, send me the cook’s information and we can do a feature on him or her. If we’re all lucky, a recipe will be shared and we can attempt to make it ourselves.

Food is one of those topics everyone tends to gravitate toward, especially when eating around a table with friends and relatives. We need it and we love it. Food also can be a wonderful way to show someone you care.

Send me an email or give me a call and let me know your thoughts on our food slot.

Stephanie Rebman is editor of the Oxord EAGLE. Contact her at