Student government actions at Ole Miss offend me

Published 12:00 pm Wednesday, December 16, 2015

“‘Grand Ole Christmas’ connoted too much Christianity on campus and so we wanted to have a more inclusive environment for the holidays this year,” said Kayp Maye, a Student Association spokesperson.

I’ve about had enough of the Student Association’s decisions lately.  So, let me say the following to them:

The reason “Christmas” connotes “Christianity” is because Christmas is nothing but Christianity and is all about the birth of Christ, the founder of Christianity. “Inclusion” is not inclusion if it leaves Christmas out of Christmas.

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Since you are worried about offending folks, let me say this loud and clear: I’m offended! You and your actions offend me. I’m offended that you refuse to recognize that Christmas is what Christmas time is about.

I’m offended that you worry about Christmas offending people. I’m offended that you would denigrate my prophet, the Lord and Savior, of Christmas, Jesus Christ. I’m offended that you are unable to grasp the truth that Christmas is a federal, national holiday.

I’m still trying to get over being offended that you desecrated our state flag by chunking it in a drawer and refusing to fly it. (By the way, do you use any state funds to pay for your Ole Miss education? Hummm.)
I’m offended that your actions do not line up with the culture, history and general worldview of the majority of those in the geographic location of Ole Miss. So please, stop worrying about offending folks.
Unless … you’re going to start worrying about offending the thousands around here that are just like me!

Merry Christmas.

Buster Wilson

Pastor, New Prospect Baptist Oxford/Yocona community