Lafayette County Board of Supervisors agenda

Published 6:00 am Sunday, December 20, 2015

Lafayette County Board

of Supervisors

Dec. 21, 2015

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5 p.m.

1. Call to Order

2. Approve Agenda

3. Approve Claims Docket.

4. Approve Minutes of December 7, 2015 meeting.



5. Discuss proposal from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to assist with culvert replacement on CR 428.  (Larry Britt)

6. Amend County Road Register to add Lakes Drive North in the Lakes Subdivision which was erroneously omitted.  (Jerry Haynie)

7. Authorize accepting bids on for 2009 Ford Crown Vic, #200853 for $1,521.00; 2008 Ford Crown Vic, #200867 for $970.00; 2011 Ford Crown Vic #200926 for $3,541.00; 2009 Ford Crown Vic #200854 for $1,510.00; and 2011 Ford Crown Vic #200965 for $1,353.00. (Jerry Haynie)

8. Authorize Board President to sign Promissory Note to Three Rivers Planning and Development in the amount of $400,000.00 for Fire Station #2.  (Sherry Wall)

9. Spread on the minutes the Continuation Certificate Surety Bonds of Jack Theobald, Mary Ann Pettis and Jody Mayfield.  (Sherry Wall)

10. Approve refund to Donald Roy in the amount of $590.98 for erroneously assessed taxes for 2014-2015.  (Sylvia Baker)

11. Authorize travel for Jerry Johnson and Wes Anderson to attend the Mississippi Fire Chiefs’ Mid-Winter Conference January 19-21, 2016 in Ridgeland, MS for a cost of $686.00 plus travel. (Wes Anderson)

12. Accept quotes for 2016 Ford F150 Crew cab SSV 4WD XL truck for Central Fire Station and authorize purchase from Gray-Daniels in the amount of $28,192.00.  (Wes Anderson)

13. Approve transferring Jonathan Fingerman from part time to fulltime jailor effective January 1, 2106.  (Johnny McDonald)

14. Approve payment of $3,314.04 to Chancery Clerk for copying and certifying the Personal Property, Real Property, Homestead and Mobile Home Rolls for 2015.  (Sherry Wall)

15. Consider Executive Session

16. Adjourn