Reach out to neighbors impacted by weather

Published 12:00 pm Thursday, December 24, 2015

Living in the South, we are all well aware of the danger from natural disasters and particularly tornadoes that have caused countless damage and havoc, as well as taken many lives over the years.

Wednesday that threat we live with constantly became a reality as tornadoes ripped through North Mississippi, killing at least three and injuring dozens while destroying numerous buildings. For the most part, Lafayette County was spared destruction, but that was not the case for our neighbors in Marshall, Benton and Panola counties. A massive twister rolled through Holly Springs and Ashland on its deadly path up through Tennessee.

A year ago a similar storm system killed five people when a tornado severely damaged the town of Columbia in South Mississippi.

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These strong winter systems are fairly regular, but fortunately the storm experts successfully predicted the intensity, timing and vicinity of the tornadoes well in advance. For several days, meteorologists had been informing the public about the severity of the expected storm system, which allowed folks to become weather alert.

The meteorologists also are warning us about more dangerous storms being possible after the hot humid air on Christmas Day. There is a threat for more severe storms this weekend now.

There is never a good time of the year for tornadoes, but especially this time of year with Christmas tomorrow. So many individuals are now suffering from personal tragedy from this deadly storm system and will be attempting to recover what they can instead of spending a peaceful day celebrating the Christian holiday with their families.

We are certain the folks affected the most by this storm will come together and pull together to help each other overcome the death and destruction. We are also sure the residents in Lafayette County will do their part to assist their neighbors. That’s what Mississippians do.

For the next several weeks, the folks northeast of Oxford are going to need our help, as well as our thoughts and prayers as they continue to recover from the damage. Meanwhile, the rest of us should thank God during the holiest of Christian days that we were spared the death and destruction.