Effort is helping children, mothers

Published 6:00 am Sunday, January 3, 2016

Teen pregnancy in Mississippi always  has been an issue within our state.

In 2012, Mississippi had the third-highest teen birth rate in the United States. More than 4,700 girls age 15 through 19 gave birth, which equates to roughly  13 per day.

In 2010, these births cost taxpayers of our state $137 million.

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Statistics regarding teen pregnancy show that children born to teen parents are more likely to enter the child welfare or juvenile justice system and become teen parents themselves. A healthy baby is no accident and you can increase your chances of having a healthy baby by quitting smoking, following good health habits, and making sure that your diet includes the right amount of folic acid.

Locally, Oxford Family Pharmacy owners Jimmy and Jennifer Yancy are doing their part to help these babies from expecting mothers, whether they are teenagers or adults. The pharmacy also is helping children once they are born on up to junior high by giving them vitamins.

The pharmacy has given out more than 22,268 vitamins to children since 2014 with all expenses absorbed by the Yancys. More than 756 bottles have been given out since the pharmacy started the program.

According to Oxford Family Pharmacist Adam Baskerville, “The Yancys heard about other pharmacies doing something similar and decided to try it in Oxford.” For expecting mothers the pharmacy gives vitamins that are high in folic acid. This helps prevent Spina Bifida. Pregnant women who take regular vitamins may not be getting the recommended dose of folic acid between .5 to 1 milligram a day.

Vitafushion is the prenatal vitamin that is given and averages $10 a bottle. So many parents realize that saving any money helps and what the Yancys are doing has assisted so many families in our community. Children ages 2 to 12 are given either Disney gummies or Flintstone chewable vitamins that contain iron.

According to Baskerville, residents don’t need to show documents to prove income in order to receive the free vitamins.

The EAGLE acknowledges the Yancys and Oxford Family Pharmacy for giving back to the L-O-U community by supporting the nourishment of our children.