Good Nutrition offers natural health care products

Published 6:00 am Sunday, January 3, 2016

By Courtney Kamm

There are many remedies out there claiming to fix health problems, but how do you know which one is right for you? Pinterest, magazines and the Internet all preach that they have the answers.

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But everyone is different. There is not one miracle treatment. One supplement shop in Oxford makes it a priority to treat each person individually.

Good Nutrition, located on Frontage Road right next to Oxford Tattoos, is an independently owned and operated store with vitamins and minerals for every need.

Loving herbal products

Founded in Birmingham almost 20 years ago, owner Cynthia Bolden moved the shop to Oxford in 2005 and was excited about relocating in a college town.

Bolden began her career in Alabama as a licensed cosmetologist and later developed a love for herbal products and how they affect the body.

“These products were just something I enjoyed learning more about,” she said. “I found myself telling clients about all of these amazing products, so one day, I just decided to start selling them.”

Good Nutrition sells more than 300 supplement products produced by a company called Nature’s Sunshine. Bolden said she only sells Nature’s Sunshine products because they are 100 percent natural, and she believes in a pure product.

“My favorite thing to do is one-on-one consultations,” she said, “because it allows me to really get to know my clients and figure out where their problems are really stemming from.”

Bolden said most of the time, our problems stem from somewhere completely different than we think.

“Most of the problems we have in our lives — sinus infections, acne, fatigue — all stem from our gut,” she said. “Eating right and taking the proper vitamins and minerals allow people to see change instantly.”

Bolden said many problems begin in the gut.

“Our gut is our main workforce for our bodies, and if not treated properly, can lead to a lot of problems that are hard to treat,” she said.

Bolden said out of all her clients, she has a soft spot for women.

“I think it is important to teach women to treat their bodies right at an early age,” she said. “I see all these young college girls that are tired all of the time, but at my age, I am never tired. There is the difference in our lifestyles.”

Spreading the word

Coming to a college town, Bolden hoped to have a larger group of young customers, but understands that girls in college have a lot to focus on, and good health is typically not their top priority.

“My store and my clients have been based completely off of word of mouth,” said Bolden, “but I would like to start advertising and speaking more in order to further spread my word.”

Starting this January, Bolden will hold public meetings for all townspeople and college students. Referred to as “Herbal Hour,” she will host a public event at the local chamber of commerce weekly.

“I am excited to start this event,” she said, “because I think it will open up my teaching to an entirely new group of clients.”

Bolden said said she loves what she does and she’s never bored with the job.

“It is something I just continue to be passionate about,” she said.

Bolden suggests stopping by for a quick consultation if you are having health issues. An appointment is not required, and consultations vary by price and time, depending on the problem. Consultation prices start at $30.

“If your cells are healthy, your tissues will be healthy,” Bolden said. “If your tissues are healthy, your organs will be healthy. If your organs are healthy, your systems will be healthy. And if your systems are healthy, you will be healthy.”