Oxford Board of Aldermen Agenda

Published 12:00 pm Monday, January 4, 2016

Oxford Board of Aldermen Agenda

City Hall courtroom

Tuesday, 5 p.m.

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1. Call to order.

2. Adopt the agenda for the meeting.

3. Mayor’s report.

4. Authorize approval of minutes of the regular meeting on Dec. 15, 2015.

5. Authorize approval of accounts for all city departments.

6. Consider consent agenda:

a. Approve Casey Dunn, Jacob Williams, Timothy Jernigan and Christopher Gullet as taxi drivers. (Joey East)

b. Request approval of William Hillhouse as in intern with OPD. (Joey East)

c. Request approval for one officer to attend School Resource Officer’s School in Meridian at a total cost of $41, to be reimbursed by the state. (Joey East)

d. Request approval for one officer to attend DARE Training in Meridian at no cost to the city. (Joey East)

e. Request permission for electrical engineer to attend TVPPA Engineering and Operations meeting in Chattanooga. (Rob Neely)

f. Authorize three promotions in the Electric Department. (Braxton Tullos)

g. Authorize employment of Assistant Secretary in Public Works Department. (Braxton Tullos)

h. Authorize approval of a retirement in Building and Grounds and authorize advertisement for a full-time landscape supervisor. (Braxton Tullos)

i. Authorize promotion in the Building and Grounds Department. (Braxton Tullos)

j. Authorize promotion in the Police Department and authorize advertisement for full-time communications officer. (Braxton Tullos)

k. Authorize approval of resignation at Fire Department. (Braxton Tullos)

l. Approve transfer from Metro-Narcotics to Police Department. (Braxton Tullos)

7. Third reading and vote of case No. 2019, rezoning of 39,675 square feet from (MD) Medical District to (NB) Neighborhood Business for part of property identified as PPIN 8824, located at the intersection of South Lamar & Belk Boulevard Extended. (Andrea Correll)

8. First reading of Case No. 2018 – R.J. Allen and Associates, INC PUD Amendment to the master plan for Oxford Commons for all properties located in Oxford Commons which are primarily accessed form Sisk Ave., Ed Perry Blvd. and Oxford Commons Blvd. (Andrea Correll)

9. Third reading and vote of Engine Brake Ordinance Section 102-17 of the City of Oxford Code of Ordinances. (Ben Requet)

10. First reading on mobile food vending ordinance. (Ben Requet)

11. Authorize Williams Engineering for design/construction services for sidewalks on Tommie Collie Jane Road. (Bart Robinson)

12. Consider request from Baptist Memorial Hospital to allow the placement of flush mount cable markers along South Lamar and Azalea Drive. (Bart Robinson)

13. Third reading and vote of ordinance amending Section 94-58 and 94-60, adding commercial recycling services. (Amberlyn Liles)

14. Accept bids for AMI Meter Installation. (Rob Neely)

15. First reading of ordinance amending Article I, Section 117, regarding the sign ordinance. (Randy Barber)

16. Adopt resolution authorizing and directing a Special Municipal Election for the purpose of filling a vacancy now existing in Ward I of the Board of Aldermen of the city of Oxford. (Lisa Carwyle)

17. Request permission to apply for Assistance to Firefighters Federal Grant, a required ten percent match of $59,145 would be required of the city, if the grant is award for a training center. (Cary Sallis)

18. Declare two vehicles surplus; determine it is in the best interest of the taxpayers to approve transfer of two vehicles to Isola. (Bo Ragon)

19. Approve transfer of vehicle from Tourism to Human Resources. (Bo Ragon)

20. Approve transfer of vehicle from Environmental Services to Police Department. (Bo Ragon)

21. Consider executive session.

22. Adjourn