LCSD tech upgrade is positive

Published 6:00 am Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Lafayette County School District’s recent decision to use federal funding to upgrade the phone system used at its schools is a positive move for both students and faculty and staff.

While the district is already guaranteed around $450,000, the updated phone system will allow the district to be eligible for more funding in the future. It also will pave the way for other technological updates that will help the schools move toward reaching some of their other digital goals, like providing a laptop for each student’s use.

Although Superintendent Adam Pugh has said providing students with laptops may be far down the road, we are excited about the technological advances the district has already made.

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Besides the recent decision to update the phone system, teachers have been given MacBooks to help them in the classroom and while making lesson plans, the district has worked to increase Internet speed and bandwidth at the schools. Chromebooks also are used during class to aid students in their learning.

The district and its board of trustees have spent considerable time discussing how to train teachers and students on digital best practices, ensuring the devices will be used responsibly and to each user’s advantage.

We hope and expect the district will continue these technological advances and look forward to the day when their goal of having a laptop for every student is reached.

Think of the information LCSD students will have access to when each one is able get on a computer — the learning benefits of the district’s current and future technological advancements are sure to aid students in furthering their education.

Each one of these developments will aid students and the future leaders of our community by preparing them for a world that is driven by computers and new technology. We commend Pugh, Lafayette County School District Technology Coordinator McNeil Stanford and the district as a whole for their work in making sure their district’s communication systems are updated.