A random summary of a week

Published 12:00 pm Monday, January 11, 2016

For today’s column I am going to take a page from the playbook of my friend and former co-worker, Errol Castens, and provide you with a list of random codgertations. If I employ the use of this column again, I’ll come up with my own catchy phrase.

• If you enjoy funny movies, go see “Sisters.” It is the sort of movie that’s so funny that you might accidentally pee on yourself with a random fit of laughter. And, by the way, it’s embarrassing when you have one of those laughing fits where you just can’t stop and are the only one giggling in the full theater.

• When I woke up Saturday morning, instead of going back to sleep, I was reminded of my task for the day before going into work: driving into Tennessee to buy a lottery ticket for a chance at $800 million. I’m not a gambler and I’ve only bought a lottery ticket less than a handful of times in my life, but this one has my attention.

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My thoughts about what I would do with the money and how I would live my life sure kept me from going back to sleep. As my dad always said, imagining what you would do with the money is where you get your money’s worth for buying the ticket.

• I came home from work about a month ago and could not find my parakeet, Hemingway. At my house there is an open-cage policy so he can be a little more free. He flies around and gets his exercise, eats his spray millet and plays with toys on top of his cage. The dogs don’t really pay him any attention. In fact, I like to say he barks at the mailman with the dogs, because he chirps and yells in his cage at the mailman even when the dogs are sleeping.

I arrived home again last week to a missing bird. A month ago, he was chilling in the peace lily. Last week he was under my bed. Both times it took forever to find him. I finally realized why he was acting the way he was. Turns out he was out of spray millet on the top of his cage and was searching the house top to bottom for some. Living up to his name with an addiction, I suppose.

• There has been twice in the past few months where I was interviewing someone for a story or working with a person on a project and I just decided that individual and I were so kindred we had to be friends. Sometimes it is a joy to be reporting and meet a lot of people and sometimes God throws someone your way where you can have the pleasure of knowing you made a real friend.

• A lot of folks are eagerly awaiting February when “The Walking Dead” returns. When having a conversation this week with Rob Sigler, we mentioned our favorite characters. His: Herschel. Mine: Michonne and Carol. Which leads me to ponder what our favorite characters say about our personality. I’ll leave you TWD fans with that thought.

Stephanie Rebman is editor of The Oxford EAGLE. Contact her at stephanie.rebman@oxfordeagle.com.