Help locate missing dog taken from Panola County car wreck

Published 11:15 am Monday, January 11, 2016

In Defense of Animals, the international animal protection organization that founded the Justice for Animals Coalition and operates Hope Animal Sanctuary in Grenada, Mississippi, is seeking cooperation from the public in finding a little dog, Precious, who was separated from her family at the site of their Dec. 17, 2015 vehicular accident.

Terry and Lenita Walls were traveling in their 1998 Ford F150 on I55 between Batesville and Sardis on Thursday Dec. 17, 2015 at approximately 4:00 a.m. when the accident happened and their vehicle was wrecked. Their little one year old dog, Precious, was traveling with them.  Emergency responders, Mississippi Highway Patrolman Tidwell and Panola County Deputies Jeremy Haley and Calvin Taylor, worked at the scene of the accident.  Both women were taken to the hospital by ambulance. During the process, three unknown women approached to aid who introduced themselves as nurses.  Lenita handed Precious to one of the women, because the woman had stated she would care for Precious until she could be reunited with the Walls.
Terry and Lenita have heard nothing about their beloved Precious since the accident. They have called four hospitals, contacted the Mississippi Highway Patrol and Panola County Sheriff’s Department and have not discovered who the woman was who took Precious, or which hospital she might be affiliated with.

It is not uncommon for animals to need assistance under such circumstances. The Justice for Animals Coalition has reached out to the Mississippi Animal Response Team (MART) to determine which state agency would implement a program with a protocol for handling animals that must be separated from their guardians because of a traffic incident. “As a member of MART, I realize that our state has a truly compassionate and viable program in place for animals affected by disasters.  While MART might not be the appropriate agency to handle vehicular incidents, I know I’ll get guidance regarding how to best achieve the creation of a program for the beloved animal companions who are separated from their guardians in such incidents,” said Justice for Animals Coalition Director Doll Stanley.

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The Justice for Animals Coalition is recommending that animal guardians prepare their vehicles as they would their homes for unforeseen disasters.  This involves keeping tools to break windows, and ones to pry apart parts that must be moved to free humans or animals from wreckage, and also sensibly securing animal companions so they aren’t thrown from a vehicle or slung about during an accident.

In Defense of Animals’ Justice for Animals Coalition has formed a coalition of Mississippi based humane organizations, judges, law enforcement specialists, and individuals in order to advance Mississippi state law, and city and county ordinances, as well as programs that protect and ensure justice for abused animals. Seeking a viable system for humanely caring for animals when their guardians are either injured in an accident, or they’ve been incarcerated for a DUI, or other vehicular related offense should be an extension of our state’s disaster response programs.
Anyone with information that may reunite Precious with her family is urged to call the Justice for Animals Coalition at (662) 809-4483 or Terry Walls (662) 800-1321.