Thacker Mountain ready for new season

Published 12:00 pm Monday, February 1, 2016

On behalf of the Friends of Thacker Mountain Radio, Inc, we want to thank our Thacker Family and especially our Oxford community for making 2015 a huge success for the Thacker Mountain Radio Hour.

On Friday night, Dec. 4, 2015, we celebrated our sponsors and members at Southside Gallery on the Square. We were thrilled to see so many friends and fans. It made the night festive and fun.

In addition to a celebration, we hosted our third Silent Auction and by all accounts the items were brilliant and the bidding was generous.

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The event would not have been possible without significant contributions from our community.

Very special thanks to Southside Art Gallery, Party Waitin’ To Happen, Brian Doris of Snackbar, Details Rental, Yalobusha Brewery, and Star Package for ensuring we had a very merry celebration. Great appreciation to Angela Hinton for her vision and materials to decorate the party and Lisa Towery for her help assembling and setting up decorations.

And in particular thank you to everyone who donated items for the Silent Auction: Ed Meek and Larry Wells, Ricky Burkhead, Ace Atkins, Greg and Jennifer Schulmeier, Ed Croom, The Fairview Inn, La Brioche, Fondren Cellars, Walker’s Drive-Inn, Apothecary, Hannah McCormich, The Frame Up, End of All Music, Cedar Oaks Guild, Bottletree Bakery, Rowan Oak, Honey Bee Bakery, the City of Florence, Alabama, Amelia, Faulkner & Yoknapatawpha Conference, Jim Dees, Dick Waterman, Tammy Cook, Mac Nichols, the Neon Pig, Steve and Rosie McDavid, Julie Cantrell, Wright Thompson, My Blue Heaven Boutique Hotel, BTC Old Fashioned Grocery, Rip-It-Up Vintage Store, YaloRUN Textiles, The Crawdad Hole, Yalobusha Country Club, Jack Daniel Distillery, Mama Jojo’s Diner, Elizabeth Heiskell, Billy Reid, La Rousse, Amy Head, Epicure, Veda Wrenn, Sandy Tremor, Lee Waddle, University Museum, Kathleen Wickham and Visit Oxford.

We would be remiss if we did not mention, also, the fantastic support of our volunteers: Micah Quinn, Marie Allouise, Amanda Malloy, Katie Gill, Kathleen Wickham, Randall Haley, Kate Teague, Katie Sevin, Rachel Vanderford, Ellen Whitaker, Glisto Rice, Anna McCollum, Chandler Rhea, Madeleine Achgill, Tim Steenwyk, John Cooper Lawton, Merrill Robinson, Gracie Sullivan, Catherine Goshorn and Mary Parker Burson. And, thank you for the hard work of our fellow board members: Angela Atkins, Kaye Bryant, Ricky Burkhead, Bethany Cooper, Bess Currence, Ron Feder, Cynthia Joyce, Nikki Neely, Joli Nichols, Kathy Potts, Tom Sharpe, Lee Waddle, Damein Wash and Larry Wells.

And finally, the biggest thank you to our community. Without each of you, the air waves would be quiet, the stage dark, and our work impossible. Thank you for all that you do to ensure we continue to be able to celebrate and document the evolving sounds and stories of a diverse South.

Hope to see you at Off Square Books for our Spring Season opener on Thursday!

Rosie McDavid,

President, Friends of Thacker Mountain Radio Inc.