OSD moves past Sunday cyberattack

Published 12:00 pm Tuesday, February 9, 2016

School instruction will have to be adjusted due to a ransomeware cyberhack into the Oxford School District server.

The hack began on Sunday morning and has caused district officials to shut down all servers to protect the school’s system.

“We are working on getting individual servers up and running,” OSD Superintendent Brian Harvey said early Tuesday morning.

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Harvey said the cyberattack has not only interfered with classroom instruction, but also has locked out students, teachers and administrators from gaining access to computer programs, files and other network-related services.

Ransomeware is a type of hack that often shows itself as a pop-up or spam that claims the user has violated a federal law resulting in a fine that must be paid. According to the FBI, this type of crime is on the rise and the victims are often private users.

However, businesses, banks, government, schools and other organizations may be scammed. The result is sometimes the loss of sensitive or private information, a disruption to regular operations and more.

OSD confirmed that no sensitive information has been compromised and police have been contacted on the issue.

“The most important thing for students and teachers is to get the Internet up and running,” Harvey said. “This will allow students to access Schoology, our learning management system, and PowerSchool.”

OSD instructors will be able to carry out some instruction despite the technology issues.