Need to take care of country

Published 12:00 pm Wednesday, February 17, 2016

By Steve Vassallo

The United States has entered a dangerous era at a time when the world is more hostile than at any time since World War II.

We cannot afford to have another eight years of failed leadership like we have just witnessed. Domestically speaking, we are $19 trillion in debt. Should this trend continue of deficit spending, our military, our infrastructure and our entitlement programs will all be at risk. From a foreign policy perspective, our allies have lost confidence in us as we make deals with government’s intent on destroying us as well as our most loyal partners.

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Donald Trump is a breath of fresh air, who is not owned or controlled by lobbyists and special interest groups. Being an economic developer for three decades, a candidate such as Mr. Trump is a welcome addition to the political arena. Anyone who will take the time to read “Crippled America” would wait in line hours to vote for Trump. All of the other candidates (including the two Democrats) have never created a single job while Trump has created thousands.

The next president will be forced to rebuild our military, which is at the weakest and leanest levels in 100 years. He will be required to rebuild alliances that have been severely damaged by the prior two Secretaries of State. He will be asked to secure our borders, which are porous beyond imagination. He will be challenged with restoring our economic vitality following the doubling of our national debt during the Obama years. He will be compelled to find a solution to national health care after Obamacare finds itself on the trash heap of failed rhetoric and unfilled promises. And most importantly, he will be expected to restore our faith in the American dream and give families hope again that meaningful jobs will soon resurface in order to provide a livable wage.

Very few presidential candidates in my lifetime have excited me to the degree Trump has. Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan and Pat Buchanan are among this elite group. I fear for our nation if the electorate does not respond this November to honor its responsibility.

The crusade currently being initiated by Franklin Graham should give each and every one of us a “wake up call” if it hasn’t already. We need a strong leader who has a track record of making difficult decisions while experiencing phenomenal success in the process. Donald Trump is the only candidate who can answer this call.

Steve Vassallo is an Oxford resident and head of the Lafayette County effort for Donald Trump’s campaign. The views above strictly reflect those of Steve Vassallo and not of the Donald J. Trump Campaign. Vassallo can be reached at