Supervisors hear about Ole Miss’ annual Big Event

Published 12:00 pm Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Students at the University of Mississippi will have another opportunity to participate in the largest single-day community service project in the state on April 2.

Representatives from the university came before the Lafayette County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday evening to let county officials know that they are open for suggestions during this year’s Big Event.

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“Our main goal is to extend our reach more into Lafayette County,” said Caroline Loveless. “We are honored to help residents of Lafayette County. In the past we’ve done residential projects, helped nonprofits and done road projects.”

Loveless and Melissa Ramsey, co-directors of the Big Event, told the board supervisors it may make recommendations for community projects by visiting the Big Event website to register a project. Members of the community may also register a project on the website,, or call 662-915-3870. Suggestions can also be mailed to Student Union 419, P.O. Box 1848, University, MS, 38677-1848.

“They will all be processed the same way,” Ramsey said.

Each supervisor is paired up with a member of the Big Event to determine which projects to focus on.

“We think y’all do a tremendous job and it is much appreciated,” said board president Jeff Busby.

Road work

In other matters, supervisors accepted the lowest bids on three road projects.

Townes Construction Company out of Grenada had the lowest bid of $117,268 to fix aprons along County Roads 246, 401 and 415. The state aid estimate on the project was $140,783.

Amg Construction Inc., based in Charleston, had the lowest of eight bids of $269,039.61 to replace a bridge on County Road 107. The estimate for the project was $278,324.50.

Riverside Traffic Systems Inc., located in New Albany, had the lowest bid of $18,160 for a striping project on County Road 217.

The board also, contingent upon meeting all of the request for proposal specifications, accepted the bid of Canale Forestry Management Company for forestry consultant work.

Bill Canale’s fee amount would be 7.5 percent of the timber sales if the board decides to sell the timber. Canale is guaranteed $1,500 for his services, regardless of what the board decides to do.

Comprehensive plan

The board also on Tuesday agreed to appoint two committees, at the suggestion of supervisor Kevin Frye, to work with Slaughter & Associates on developing the county’s new comprehensive plan.

“I think we should reach out and see who is willing to serve,” Frye said.

Each committee would be comprised of 13 members. One committee will focus on land use and policy, as well as goals and objectives and fiscal and economic issues. The other committee would look into infrastructure and public services.

Committee members will be determined at the board’s next meeting.