Talkers take up headline’s in yesterday’s papers

Published 12:00 pm Wednesday, February 17, 2016

There were some talkers in the news in yesterday’s papers. Rumors were flying about land transactions, possibly for the hospital. There was excitement about the possibility of less traffic. People were talking about the OHS graduation night dance, too. Here are excerpts from 2011, 2006, 2001, 1993 and 1985.

Feb. 18, 2011

More land off Highway 6 sold

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Large sections of land located off of Highway 6 West, near the Cumberland subdivision are being sold and transferred.

A total of 107 acres were sold to BWG Development Feb. 11 in two different transactions. Later that day another 107 acres were transferred to Black Bear Land Company.

Baptist Memorial Hospital – North Mississippi would not comment on if the land transactions were for its new proposed $300 million regional referral center, but speculation and rumors were flying around town it is exactly that.

Feb. 20, 2006

West Jackson to College Hill without sitting in Oxford traffic?

A dream for city and county planning officials for the past several years could come to fruition after a committee studies ideas this spring.

The goal is to duplicate the bypass effect of Highways 6 and 7 for the opposite end of Oxford to help alleviate traffic for west side of town.

A joint seven-member committee was organized by the Oxford-Lafayette County Economic Development Foundation and will meet for the first time next week.

Feb. 16, 2001

Funding concerns prompt board to halt construction

Members of the Lafayette County School Board tabled the decision to build a 4,000-square-foot addition to the central office during a special meeting Thursday.

Due to state budget cuts, Superintendent James Treloar said he did not know how much money would be available for the project, so board members were reluctant to make any decisions.

They said they will make a decision by Feb. 26 whether to proceed with construction with the bids already on the table.

Feb. 17, 1993

Tentative date set for 911 system

County officials set Sept. 29 as the latest date for the Enhanced 911 system to be up and running.

Supervisors agreed over a year ago to coincide the start of the 911 system with the completion of the new jail facility where a centralized dispatch authority will be located for 911.

South Central Bell officials hope to move the date to August since it appears the scheduled completion date of July 4 for the jail is on target.

Feb. 15, 1985

Superintendent receives control of student dances

The school superintendent now has the authority to permit the Oxford High School class to have an graduation night dance next year without seeking the school board’s permission.

Any other group requesting a dance will have to come before the school board.