Drewery enjoys frying up fresh fish

Published 12:00 pm Thursday, February 25, 2016

Kenneth Drewery fishes year-round, much to the enjoyment of those around his dinner table.

Drewery, the solid waste manager for Lafayette County, hits up the Tallahatchie River in search of catfish as often as he can and has ever since he was old enough to walk.

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“I usually fish year-round, just when the temperature gets to where I can stand to be out there,” the 51-year-old lifelong Lafayette County resident said. “I tight line, with just a rod and reel, and hand fish.”

The biggest fish he’s ever caught weighed in around 35 pounds, which is also known as a white river cat.

“If you hand grabble you can catch them bigger, but that’s the biggest I’ve got hand fishing,” he said. “I just like to fish in the deeper holes in the bends of the river.”

Drewery fishes from a boat, usually using cut shad bait.

“I do it just to relax,” he said. “You know when you’re on the river you have time to reflect and relax.”

He has plenty of time to relax too while at home chowing down on the day’s catch. He keeps it simple by using a fry daddy and minimal ingredients.

“I like to use yellow corn meal with salt and lots of black pepper,” Drewery said. “I deep fry it at about 325 until it floats. Once it starts floating in the grease it’s ready.”

Another way to keep it simple is not taking a big haul home from the river.

“I keep what I intend to eat,” he said. “I don’t like to put it in the freezer. I prefer it fresh.”