Pike Powderpuff raises $15,000 for The Demascus Endowment fund

Published 12:00 pm Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Gamma Iota chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha raised $15,000 this past week for The Demascus Endowment program via their Pike Powderpuff annual philanthropy.

The Demascus Endowment is based in Mississippi and raises money to send people of all ages with mental and physical disabilities to Camp Bratton Green in Canton.

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The $15,000 raised will send approximately 33 campers to Camp Bratton this year, free of charge.

Pike Powderpuff was a week long event with a sorority football tournament as a finale.

Each sorority that participated had a $500 buy in and the winner of the entire event was given $2,000 toward their philanthropy budget. The $15,000 was raised by donations to a GoFundMe, t-shirt sales, and the sorority buy-ins. Pi Beta Phi won the entire event.