Reader supports Ted Cruz for president of United States

Published 6:00 am Sunday, March 6, 2016

I support Ted Cruz for president in Mississippi’s March 8 Republican primary. This is why.

Ted is a proven Constitutional conservative, a rarity in today’s Republican party. Throughout his career, Ted has fought for the founders’ concepts of a limited federal government and the right of states to govern everyday affairs. He has never wavered in his support of a strong military and for national security.

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As Texas solicitor general, he successfully and repeatedly defended the Second Amendment and religious liberty before the U.S. Supreme Court.

In the U.S. Senate, he has consistently confronted the Republican party establishment and fought against Washington’s controlling interests and even his own Republican Senate leadership in order to limit government and expand liberty.

No one since Ronald Reagan has fought like Ted Cruz has to constrain federal power.

Most Republican candidates talk a good conservative game and then conform to Washington’s big government ways. Ted has shown that he will do what he says.

Washington’s Republican and Democratic career power brokers and deal-makers absolutely don’t want Ted Cruz to be president. They don’t like him, because they have a vested interest in big government, which feeds on high taxes and massive debt. Ted’s limited-government, low tax, and free enterprise policies present a danger to their power and livelihood.

Tremendous economic growth and job creation will be hallmarks of a Cruz presidency. Ted will stand with Israel and end Obamacare. Traditional marriage and the unborn will be defended. Judicial appointees will interpret the Constitution as written. Jihadists will be defeated and our borders secured.

An angry electorate is looking for a fighter. Washington’s status quo jeopardizes our future. The Supreme Court and the Second Amendment hang in the balance.

This may be our last chance to get it right before profound, undesirable changes to our nation occur. For the first time since Ronald Reagan, a proven conservative fighter, who takes on Washington, is ready to lead America and restore this great land.

Join me on March 8 to begin America’s restoration. We can’t take chances this time.

Henry Ross


Ole Miss graduate