Vote for Kasich today in primary election

Published 12:00 pm Tuesday, March 8, 2016

This election for president has serious consequences.  Unfortunately, we have seen the worst of presidential politics particularly in my Republican Party.

You have seen some outright childish behavior by the candidates on the campaign trail and in the debates.  This is totally true with the exception of one candidate, Gov. John Kasich of Ohio.

Gov. Kasich has consistently carried himself with the dignity fitting of the office of the president. This by itself will not make him an outstanding president; however, his record of accomplishment does lend itself to being one. Kasich served in Congress as chair of the House Budget Committee and was successful at balancing the federal budget. He also served on the House Armed Service Committee during the time of the first Gulf War.

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Indeed, experience does matter, especially with our fiscal problems, out-of-control debt in D.C. coupled with the national security concerns in the Middle East and across the globe.  Kasich is in his second successful term as governor of Ohio, proving his executive experience where he has been commander in chief of the Ohio Army and Air National Guard; he has appointed more than 100 judges in his time as well.

He understands how to fix our budget problems and how to create jobs; he has done it in Ohio and he can do it for our country.

Please join me in voting for John Kasich in the Republican Primary today.

Geoffrey Yoste