Excited to meet author April 2

Published 12:00 pm Monday, March 14, 2016

I will admit it — I don’t read regularly outside of work.

Given the fact I read and write all day at a computer screen and have ever since I entered the journalism profession, it takes a lot to intrigue me and make me want to spend more time reading when off the clock. Generally I pick more brainless activities to relax, like watching a movie, volunteering, throwing a ball with puppies or catching up with friends.

However, there is one genre I have turned to in the past 20 years and been willing to pick up and delve into after work or on the weekends: memoirs.

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The funny stuff like Chelsea Handler or work from another comedian is always appreciated. Jen Lancaster deserves a shout out for her real-life funny escapades that so many can relate to.

However, there was one memoir that sucked me in and made me want to read everything by the author. It was “Running with Scissors” by Augusten Burroughs. The book was a memoir about his messed-up, zany, turbulent childhood and how he overcame it. It was a book that basically redefined memoirs in America and opened up doors for authors to tell their own tumultuous lives.

I wasn’t the only one intrigued. Hollywood also recognized its value and made a movie of it. It was a powerful movie with a well-known cast like Annette Bening, Alec Baldwin, Gwnyeth Paltrow and more, but as in most cases, not as good as the book.

I’ve read all of his books except one ever since. So it was with excitement that I opened an email from a publicist saying he will be in Oxford April 2. The publicist said nothing different than others, but I jumped at the chance to receive a copy of his newest book, “Lust & Wonder” and read it in advance of his visit to Square Books at 5 p.m.

I recommend checking out “Running with Scissors” if you haven’t already. There’s a reason it was on the New York Times bestseller list for four consecutive years, and with almost two of those years being at No. 1.

Then, come take advantage of meeting him in person and getting that book signed. Not everyone can balance calamity and comedy like he can and meeting Burroughs should be an experience that at least I will well remember.

Oxford is a wonderful mecca of arts, culture and diversity. Bringing in a variety of different authors, ranging from former Gov. Haley Barbour, award-winning poets and now a memoir writer who inked novels based on his experiences in New York City, is a nice perk for residents.

I hope to see you April 2.

Stephanie Rebman is editor of The Oxford EAGLE. Contact her at stephanie.rebman@oxfordeagle.com.