Kelly giving us a chance to weigh in

Published 12:00 pm Monday, March 14, 2016

Trent Kelly, our congressman representing Mississippi’s First District, is taking steps to get opinions from his constituents.

He sent out an email to his supporters last week asking what they think are the most serious issues, or at least what they care about the most.

If you are not on his email distribution list, you can also access the list and check what is important to you on his website at

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The items on the list are issues facing Congress like ISIS/terrorism, national security, veterans, economy, jobs, government spending, agriculture, energy, eduction, executive overreach, distrust in Congress, health care, life, immigration, rules and regulations, the Second Amendment, Social Security, states’ rights, taxes and transportation.

If there is a particular issue on there you feel strongly about, get on his website, click your option and leave your contact information. In today’s digital world, this is such a simple way to be heard.

We thank Kelly for making it simple for people to have a voice, especially in today’s world where people would rather send an email or text than pick up the phone and talk. We look forward to seeing what he does with the results and what impact he will make in the country’s capitol.