Newspaper ads are valuable

Published 6:00 am Sunday, March 20, 2016

If you are looking for a certain product to purchase, where in Oxford do you turn? According to a Pulse Research survey, 52 percent of our city and county residents turn to your hometown daily paper, The Oxford EAGLE.

Advertising is the main source of income for any paper and is what lets us provide the news, sports and photo coverage that we do on a daily basis. What we try to produce every day is a paper that is mixed with news and ads and is a product that you, our subscribers and advertisers, will find interesting.

Over the next week, The Oxford EAGLE will be offering its advertisers $100 worth of free advertising during our VIP program led by Candi Davis. All we ask of our advertisers is to attend a 20-minute presentation at The Oxford EAGLE regarding the effectiveness of advertising in The EAGLE. We will be doing these presentations March 21-24 and have many different time slots available for our advertisers to choose.

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This offer is just one of the many opportunities that we provide for our advertisers to participate in during the year. We just recently published Profile 2016 in magazine format. We hope that our subscribers enjoyed the stories and the advertisements in this product and we look forward to improving on it in future years.

Below are some of the comments from members of our community about their perception of the EAGLE.

— “I consider your paper the voice of Oxford. I realize the other papers are competition, but I just see those as kind of ancillary.”

— “When I see a businesses advertise in The EAGLE, it looks like they’re part of the community. Your content adds to that. It’s balanced, while other publications have a bias. I feel like they’re not as honest as The Oxford EAGLE. It gives me more confidence in a business when I see they advertise with you.”

— “I like to shop local, but I don’t have time to do a lot of browsing, so it’s hard to know what’s out there. It’s great to see ads that show me different things that local stores carry and how much they cost.”

— “Those (ads) that generally catch my eye are the ones that are relevant to me at the time. They’re offering something I was already thinking about at this time of year.”

— “Ads register more with me when they’re something I see over and over. If it’s something I rarely see, I’m more likely to glance over it.”

— “It’s surprising that people don’t advertise their Sunday brunch specials in the Sunday paper. I hear people the entire time saying. “Where can we go on Sunday for brunch?”

— “Two things that you do real well are the Best of Oxford (sections), because everyone advertises in that. I keep it on my desk all year round. ‘Oh, it’s my sister’s birthday. Let me flip to the page with spas and see where to get her a gift certificate.’ That lasts all year for me. I’ll look: Where’s the best tire store?”

As you can see by this group’s comments, EAGLE advertising works for businesses in our community.

Delia Childers, Amanda Schnugg, and Ross Thornton are the EAGLE marketing representatives. When they call on you next week, take 20 minutes out of your schedule to see what advertising in The EAGLE can do for your business.

After all, The EAGLE is where members of our community see “value.”

Tim Phillips is publisher of The Oxford EAGLE. Contact him at