Renting out the double decker buses good for city

Published 6:00 am Sunday, March 20, 2016

Next month Oxford’s double decker buses will be back on the road, carrying wedding parties, family reunions and other large groups through the streets of downtown Oxford.

We’re glad city of Oxford officials are allowing residents to rent the iconic vehicles again. Around this time last year, the Board of Aldermen put a moratorium on the rental of the buses because of age and safety concerns.

We, as well as others walking the Square, sitting on the Boure balcony or enjoying a new read at Square Books, have missed seeing wedding parties and private groups celebrating together atop the buses on cool afternoons.

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Rental of the buses was made possible by buying two newer vehicles from Arizona. We are grateful for the city of Oxford investing time and money to find and purchase the two buses, and realizing how important they are to our community.

Allowing use of the buses will bring more events, more tourism and more people to Oxford. Those people will shop in our stores, eat at our restaurants and rent rooms at our hotels, all the while creating lasting memories of our beautiful town atop one of our double decker buses.