A plaque is needed at Ole Miss near the Confederate statue

Published 12:00 pm Monday, March 21, 2016

The local NAACP is correct to request a change in the plaque the University of Mississippi plans to place near the Confederate statue on our Oxford campus. 

The issue is that the absence of any reference to slavery misrepresents history. 

To understand the reason for secession, all one has to do is read the ‘Confederate States of America-Mississippi Secession Document’ where it is clearly stated that slavery was the reason for secession.

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I am betting that folks who most adamantly object to including reference to slavery on the plaque have not read the secession document. If they had, they would not be so committed to maintaining the myth that the state of Mississippi seceded from the United States of America for any other reason than the perpetuation of slavery. 

I hope our community will make time to read the secession document, which is easily obtained on the Internet.

M. Ann Phillippi

Retired biologist and teacher