Appointed leaders a step in right direction

Published 6:00 am Sunday, March 27, 2016

Three cheers to the state Legislature for pushing a bill on through the chambers and on to the governor’s desk that makes Mississippi’s school superintendents now appointed instead of elected.

For the state’s educational system to improve, it is important that experts are recruited and put in place that have experience running school systems and the position is not just the result of a popularity contest at the polls. Granted, Mississippians are smart enough to pick the person they know has the best experience and best motives at heart for the job; however, now we will need to trust our elected school board officials to do it for us.

The bill is on Gov. Phil Bryant’s desk and it will require that all superintendents be appointed starting in 2019 and have a maximum of a four-year term. Our only complaint is that there is such a long delay in it taking effect.

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Other states have shown this is a successful method to run school districts, and Mississippi already has a head start with the majority on an appointed basis. Currently superintendents are elected in 55 of Mississippi’s 140 school districts.

This is a solid vote for education for both the Democrats and Republicans leading our state.