We thank students for effort

Published 12:00 pm Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Today residents are waking up, still smiling at their new shed, siding, cleaned-up fence or spruced-up landscaping.

Some arrived at church Sunday to a cleaned sanctuary, pulled up to work Monday to a brightened-up façade, and others drove around town admiring the cleanliness. 

The spring cleanup of Oxford, Lafayette County and the University of Mississippi was all done by university students during the Big Event, which allowed the students to give back to their college community.

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In its fifth year after being created, modeled after a school in Texas, students were sent to 148 different project sites. The event continues to grow and the community continues to see benefits.

We are thankful for the university for organizing the event annually and the students for their hard work.

We’re also thankful for the example they’re setting for residents, young and old. It is encouraging to know a child will see the service to mankind and want to emulate that. By giving back, the students also will want to keep Oxford looking nice because they are now more invested in the community.

Thank you, students, for keeping Oxford beautiful.