My Guys keeps fueling college kids with great food

Published 12:00 pm Thursday, April 7, 2016

With graduation nearing, for most seniors, it is a time to reflect on all the people who brought you to this moment, all the lessons learned and places you will never forget.

Over these past four years, students near and far have made Oxford their home. And while they missed the comforts of home when they first arrived here, they will soon miss the comforts of Oxford as they depart to conquer the real world. Students will miss the beautiful campus, the lifelong friends made, the charm of Oxford on a sunny day and the food.

When first thinking about the Oxford food scene, your mind might go straight to the big shots like Boure and City Grocery, but what about the not-so-fancy places that fuel college students on a budget with delicious food through the all-nighters, early mornings and game days?

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To most students, that place is My Guys Biscuits & Bar-B-Que (formerly Ember’s). So seniors — while you are reflecting on all the memories made, perhaps you should give thought to all the My Guys biscuits that got you there.

These biscuits have brought you back to life after a night out on the Square, filled you up while you drive aimlessly in commuter lots trying to find a spot, and have given you a reason to hop in the car with your friends and hit the drive-through. A My Guys biscuit is always a good idea.

These made-from-scratch biscuits have become a staple to students. The flaky biscuit is perhaps the best part. Served warm with a how-you-choose middle. From egg, bacon, sausage, chicken, pulled pork or pork tenderloin, they will cook it how you want it. Whether you’re swinging through the drive-thru or going inside, the My Guys Biscuit never disappoints. And the best part? Breakfast is served all day.

On any given morning, especially Saturday and Sunday mornings, you can find the cars wrapped around the drive-thru, and if you are a regular, you know that the cars parked and pulled to the front have been told to go there to wait for their food to arrive at their car. The service is just as good as the food, and keeps customers coming back for more.

One of these faithful customers is Caroline Cronk, a senior mathematics major from Atlanta, who is often teased by her friends that her obsession with My Guys alone could keep them in business year round. “My favorite biscuit is chicken and cheese because it’s the perfect amount of tasty and homemade,” Cronk said.

Cronk finds herself religiously returning to the biscuit mecca, and it has become an important ritual, especially on game days. “(My Guys) has always been my go-to breakfast meal before Groving on game days, because it’s cheap and easy to walk to from my house,” Cronk said.

Emily Ranger, a senior marketing major from Houston, Texas, also agrees My Guys is special. “Being from Texas, I always miss Tex-Mex food when I am at school, but when I go home, I find myself missing My Guys biscuits,” Ranger said.

Ranger likes to take visitors to My Guys so they can get the full Oxford experience. “I liked taking my friends from out of town there, because I tell them it’s one of my favorite places and the best drive-through biscuit there ever was,” she said. “One bite in, and they always agree with me.”

With a new location on Jackson Avenue, it is evident My Guys love is spreading. Ranger is happy to have My Guys in her college town, giving students like her more options for breakfast.

“It’s nice to have My Guys here,” she said. “It used to be pretty much BBB, which is usually crowded, or Chick-fil-A, whose breakfast closes at 10:30 a.m. and isn’t open on Sundays. Now my friends and I have a place we can rely on to be open, quick and delicious.”