OPD shares dangers of distracted driving with OHS students

Published 12:00 pm Thursday, April 7, 2016

In today’s ever-changing world, busy schedules and life events keep teenagers on their toes and their attention in many places at one time. That’s why some special teachers recently stopped by Oxford High School to share an important lesson for students about why it is important to keep their focus on the road to get where they are going in life.

The Oxford Police Department presented “Drive Now: Be Distracted Later” seminars to high school students in general health classes and to student athletes.

“We give a lot of attention to the dangers of DUIs, but we do not have a lot of education and outreach when it comes to texting and driving along with other distractions,” said OPD Captain Alan Ivy. “We are glad we could educate teen drivers on the importance of focusing their full and undivided attention on the road at all times.”

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Students learned about the dangers of distracted driving along with hands-on experience via an online texting and driving simulator.

“We are thankful that our local law enforcement officers care about our students’ safety,” said Bradley Roberson, OHS principal. “We welcome them helping our students understand the dangers associated with unsafe driving practices.”