Keep our area free of trash

Published 6:00 am Sunday, April 10, 2016

People are starting to get outside in droves, whether it is with their children at the park, fishing on the lake or getting out on the golf course.

Sardis Lake is one of the top fishing destinations not only for residents of the state and region, but also for those in the Midwest and other states where a day’s drive isn’t too out of reach for the payoff they get in crappie fishing.

Now that it’s nice outside and everyone is out and about, we here at the EAGLE want to give a gentle reminder to pick up your trash and keep our slice of paradise looking beautiful.

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Keeping our lake and river areas free from debris, cigarette butts and especially those Bud Light cans, will pay off with healthier fish, prettier banks to throw that pole from and an even better reputation throughout the country for fine outdoor recreational opportunities.

In addition to picking up your own trash, consider picking up what someone else may have left behind. Sometimes everything is a team effort and if you take the initiative to pick up a piece of trash, perhaps a child won’t step on it and get hurt 10 minutes from the time you saw it.

We all have our community’s best interests in mind and this is just one spot where something small can make a difference.