Having pride in legislators protecting Christian beliefs

Published 12:00 pm Monday, April 11, 2016

I wish to address the reactions of bigotry regarding HB1523. Actually the EAGLE has committed an appalling journalistic trespass by describing the bill as, “a law that could wind up leaving gay and transgender people without the same opportunities as those in traditional marriage….” This is completely false! The bill does not prevent LGBTQ from taking advantage of any opportunity in marriage. However, Christians would need its protection for their biblical beliefs.

A majority of the business owners you quoted expressed their pride and willingness to serve the LGBTQ community. So, what’s the uproar? Seems to me that LGBTQ folk will have access to any services. Your article proves this.

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But what about the Christian business owners, like the bakers and florists who were destroyed by this hatefulness and inspired this bill … those that simply believe God’s word when it says homosexuality is an “abomination?” Because there are a lot of Bible believers in Oxford/Lafayette County that believe every word of God’s word. What about their rights? Coincidentally, the First Amendment  of the Constitution guarantees that no law shall be made that “prohibits the free exercise thereof,” of their religious beliefs and practices.

All the Bill does is give a Bible believer the right to refuse service that would require them to get involved in or to produce something that would appear to show support for homosexuality. This, at the very worst, could cause LGBTQ to look to other providers — that’s all. According to your article, there appears to be no shortage of such willing providers that would gladly take their business.

LGBTQs, as a national rule, do not want or believe in tolerance. Many of the statements in your article show the intolerance of Bible believers! I could share my inbox, which is regularly filled with the vilest of hatefulness. They demand we embrace and support their cause. If we don’t, they will go on Jihad and destroy us. This bigotry toward Christians must stop.

Ms. Harwell’s letter was fairly hateful and unloving. To be biblical on moral issues is not hatefulness. I plead: Please stop the hate! Stop the bigotry and discrimination of traditionalists.

As such, I am extremely proud of our governor and state legislators.

Buster Wilson