Reps opposed to HB 1523 to hold press conference

Published 11:38 pm Monday, April 11, 2016

Members of the Mississippi House of Representatives who opposed the “Religious Freedom” bill signed by Gov. Phil Bryant last week will be holding a press conference at 9:45 Tuesday on the Mississippi Capitol steps to announce the introduction of a step toward repealing HB 1523.

According to Oxford Rep. Jay Hughes, the purpose of the conference is to announce the immediate introduction of a concurrent suspension resolution intended to suspend the rules and regular deadlines in the House of Representatives.  Members who opposed the bill will seek the approval of the introduction and passage of the “Mississippi Economic and Tourism Recover Act,” which he says is an opportunity to repeal HB 1523.

“This resolution is in direct response to the local and national negative consequences on Mississippi, its economic development, tourism industry, and perception of the good people of Mississippi,” Hughes stated in an email. “This suspension resolution is the required first step in a process to allow the repeal HB1523, and all of its discriminatory consequences.”

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The bill provides protections to business owners who refuse to provide services to people because of a religious opposition to same-sex marriage, extramarital sex or transgender people.