Do your research on legislation and be aware of your rights

Published 12:00 pm Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I have read and heard so many negative comments concerning HB1523 but am yet to hear any quotes from any portion of the bill. It really makes me wonder if any of those lambasting it have even read it. I tend to think most are parroting what they have heard and it has become the cause du jour.

I have heard how HB1523 will hurt business and set our state back 30 years as well as other negative actions that will affect us all but wait, how will it affect your and my religious freedom now and in the future?

I would be aghast if someone were mistreated because of their skin color, ethnicity or religion and, yes, even their sexual orientation. But it seems ok to deny people of conflicting closely held convictions their rights concerning the LGBT agenda to not have to accept or participate in it in any fashion whether personal or business.

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I don’t want to cast stones at anyone, but I do want to have the ability to make up my own mind concerning these issues and not have to worry about being forced by the government or the courts to do something against my own conscience.

I would suggest you read the article posted in The Clarion Ledger written by guest columnist Forest Thigpen titled “Freedom of Conscience Law being Misrepresented,” just for good measure read an article posted on Yahoo from the Chicago Tribune titled “Keep Men Out of Women’s Bathrooms.” But do look up HB1523 and read it, many will be surprised at what it doesn’t say after all they’ve heard.

Remember the old saying, “your rights end where mine begin” and that is a two edged sword. And yes, I do have a biblical world view.

Vic Wilson

Lafayette County