The House bill signed into law is clearly discriminatory

Published 12:00 pm Thursday, April 14, 2016

Recent insightful editorials (Ray Mosby: The image in the mirror, Lareeca Rucker: Aren’t we the hospitality state?, Jessica Harwell: HB1523 doesn’t represent state properly and Jim Propes’ letter offering a religious understanding) all point out the danger inherent in a government enacting legislation that supports a single religious doctrine.

After all, Jefferson’s “wall of separation” letter was written to reassure a minority religious sect (Baptist) that it would not be oppressed by the state sponsored and majority religion in Connecticut (Congregationalists). The First Amendment affirms that no specific religion will be established by the government, state or federal, for the very reason that one religious opinion should never be imposed on its citizens.

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Clearly HB1523 is an unconstitutional, discriminatory law and should be rescinded by the Mississippi legislature with the governor’s concurrence. Perhaps the inevitable economic loss to the state following cancellation of venues, movie contracts and more will provide sufficient motivation.

Jeff Justis