Trafficking people is a significant issue

Published 12:00 pm Monday, April 18, 2016

Human trafficking is becoming a greater problem in our country.

Once an issue that was out of sight and out of mind in third-world countries, it is now more prevalent here in the United States.

Children are being preyed upon in more ways these days, many of it due to the rising use of social media and the ability for people to get farther quicker with the push of a button or a drive on the interstate.

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There’s also the traditional method still being used across the country of going up to young girls in malls or on the streets and asking if they want to get into modeling.

Two Oxford women, who should be commended, are bringing two educational sessions to town Friday and Saturday about human trafficking and ways to be more aware and keep our children more aware.

The sessions will be going on at the Church of Christ Friday and Saturday at the same time as the Double Decker Festival. While scoping out art vendors and listening to music is arguably much more fun, take a pause to stop in at a session and learn how you can help ensure the safety of children and young adults here and beyond.