Oxford’s Jinsei Sushi offers mojito Mondays

Published 12:00 pm Thursday, April 21, 2016

By Sarah Henry


Some say it’s the perfect cure for the Monday blues.

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Customers can sit back, relax and sip on a mojito from Jinsei Sushi. They can take a seat outside on the patio on a gorgeous spring afternoon, or sit inside to experience an authentic Japanese experience and enjoy a mojito for only $5 all day Monday.

The restaurant at 713 North Lamar Blvd. offers a variety of mojito flavors, such as strawberry, blackberry, mango ginger, cucumber and sohito. During the summer months, the restaurant adds a pineapple-flavored mojito to the menu.

“Mojito Monday is my favorite day of the week,” University of Mississippi senior Gabby Hortsmann said. “You can always count on me to be there as soon as I get off of work.”

Walk into Jinsei, and you’ll find dim lighting and tranquil music. Some tables are low to the ground, resembling those you might find in Japanese culture, and the smell of soy sauce is in the air. The side of the restaurant is a full-service bar offering top-shelf liquor and specialty drinks.

“Drinking the Japanese beer is one of my favorite things about being at Jinsei, because you can’t get that anywhere else other than there,” UM senior Hank Bishop said.

During the weekends, when there is a long wait, people hurry over to the bar to snag a seat so they can sip on a cocktail while waiting to be seated at a table.

Customers are given a selection of appetizers. Among the options are the miso soup, chili miso soup, edamame (steamed or grilled), and the most popular choice, tempura green beans — fried, seasoned and served with a spicy mayo dipping sauce.

“The majority of tables I wait on always order at least one order of the tempura green beans,” said Jinsei waitress Darby Calhoun.

Ole Miss alum Anna Blount said, “Every time I come back to Oxford, I make sure to go to Jinsei before I leave just so I can eat some of the green beans.”

Jinsei also offers a large selection of main course dishes, including sushi rolls, cold dishes and hot dishes. The restaurant imports fish from Tokyo every week.

“The most popular entrees are the Rebel bowl, kadoma tuna, river rock Kobe and the jari jari roll,” Calhoun said.

The river rock Kobe is fun to eat. You get to cook it yourself at your own table. A sizzling 1000-degree river rock, along with several pieces of raw Kobe beef is brought to the table for the customers to cook to their own satisfaction, and it is perfect for all ages.

The food and friendly staff makes the restaurant unique.

“I have had a couple other serving jobs, but none compare to working at Jinsei,” Calhoun said. “The staff is wonderful to work with, and the customers are always friendly and satisfied.”