UM student Emma McPhail is an aspiring makeup artist

Published 12:00 pm Monday, April 25, 2016

By Paige Henderson

Emma McPhail, 22, is a psychology major at the University of Mississippi from Rockwall, Texas. She chose to attend school in Mississippi because it was far enough away from home, but not too far that her family couldn’t come visit. It seemed like a fresh start, and after graduation this May, McPhail hopes to move to a big city.

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“I’m not really set on finding a job in any particular field,” McPhail said. “I’ve looked at everything from counseling jobs to public relations and marketing. I just want to be successful at whatever I do.”

Aside from class work, McPhail loves makeup, whether it is buying it, watching YouTube videos about it or looking at Pinterest for different ideas.

“I think doing makeup is creative and a different art form. It makes me and other people feel good to put it on and see how it can transform you or make someone light up.”

McPhail feels that, in today’s world, there is a lot of emphasis put on physical appearance, especially for females.

“I think makeup essentially turns people into who they want to be or … look like,” McPhail said. “I think it gives some people confidence, even though beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

McPhail hopes to become a professional makeup artist one day. She mainly does it for fun and for her friends now.

Senior education major Jane Skalkos-Baldyga, 21, said McPhail did her makeup for formal a couple of years ago.

“Emma did a really good job at keeping my look natural,” Skalkos-Baldyga said. “She used different techniques to make my eyes pop.”

Senior criminal justice major Nicole Rowe, 21, said McPhail has applied her makeup before going out.

“I always ask her for tips if I’m looking to buy new products,” she said. “She has a good sense of what type of makeup I need for my skin, as well as what products are worth spending my money on.”

McPhail hopes to keep up this hobby even if other people don’t seek her help.

“I don’t think I’m necessarily that good at it,” McPhail said. “My friends and family members are the ones who say that I have a talent for it. I just see it as a fun hobby, but hey, who wouldn’t want to make their hobby a profession if possible?”