Planning commission has light agenda

Published 12:00 pm Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Lafayette County Planning Commission had a light agenda Monday night and took care of just a couple of matters.

Jeff Williams with Williams Engineering, representing Upton Reynolds, went before the commission to receive preliminary commercial site approval for a project near Tara subdivision called The Ranch. The site was formerly known as Pine Creek Cove.

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According to Williams, there are four buildings on the site and there is a plan to rebuild one of the buildings, which burned.

“The building will be rebuilt on the slab that is already there,” Williams said. “There’s plenty of parking. It should meet all the requirements of the current regulations.”

According to county engineer Larry Britt, Reynolds needs to make sure the fire department knows what is going on at the site.

Reynolds said there will be one long building that will contain six apartments and be just over 5,000 square feet.

The Oxford EAGLE received a variance and site plan approval from the county planning commission for its new location near Highway 30.

Publisher Tim Phillips went before the board to request a 10-foot setback on the side of the building that faces Stouts Flooring.

“I understand when the right-of-way comes through there’s going to be some parking spots taken,” Phillips said.

Britt said 10 feet would be more than adequate.

Phillips also requested commercial site plan approval. Improvements would be made to the façade of the building “which we hope will be an improvement to the neighborhood,” said Phillips.

The current awning will be replaced with brick and two windows, according to Phillips, as well as the Oxford EAGLE logo.

The commission approved both requests, which will be forwarded to the county Board of Supervisors  for it’s 8 a.m. Monday meeting.