Hughes has refreshing honesty

Published 12:00 pm Thursday, May 5, 2016

It is certainly refreshing to hear a politician speak about how he wished the media had more access to the elected body he is a part of.

If you read Wednesday’s edition of The EAGLE, you would have read state Rep. Jay Hughes’ remarks about the recently completed legislative session in Jackson. In his first session, Hughes was more than disappointed in what the state legislative body accomplished. But he was more disappointed in how much the backroom handlings of legislation takes place in Jackson.

“I felt like it was 1937 Germany at times. It’s horrifying to me that grown men and women sacrifice their integrity and don’t vote how they feel, but because someone asked them to vote a certain way.”

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Hughes should be commended for his outward attempt at making sure his constituents and all residents of Mississippi are completely aware of the inner-workings of the legislature.

We believe more Mississippians would be less disenchanted with politics and politicians if there were more elected officials like Hughes who certainly seems to be fighting for the people rather than the special interest groups.

He may not be making many friends in Jackson, but he is quickly becoming the eyes and ears of the people.