Presidential campaign … now down to 3

Published 3:21 pm Friday, May 6, 2016

By Steve Vassallo

The events of this past Tuesday night changed the presidential landscape more than anyone could have anticipated. Trump’s overwhelming win in Indiana coupled with the suspension of the Cruz campaign then followed by Sanders’ upset victory over Clinton has reset the presidential odds.

The fall election has three remaining principals, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and James Comey. These three individuals will ultimately determine who will be our 45th president. Let’s begin with Trump.

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Just two weeks ago, Ted Cruz was reflecting a 20-point lead over Trump in Indiana. The political pundits as well as state politicos were preparing for a second ballot in Cleveland where they would nominate someone other than Trump. How Tuesday night changed that scenario for once and for all cannot be underestimated. Trump is now assured of having the delegates he needs well before going to Cleveland.

As for Clinton, her problems extend way beyond Bernie Sanders.The investigation into her private server, emails and private foundation are continuing to escalate. Peter Schweizer, executive producer of “Clinton Cash,” will showcase the new documentary this summer at the Cannes Film Festival. It is projected to arrive at theaters to coincide with the Democrats’ National Convention. In the interim, Bernie Sanders is giving her everything and more (competitively speaking) as he out-polled her with the female vote in Indiana and won the state in doing so.

FBI Director James Comey has not yet interviewed Clinton in the ongoing investigation. According to a recent interview with Mr. Schweizer on Fox News, Schweizer indicated that the reason the investigation is taking so long is in all likelihood due to “findings” being discovered. If his theory is correct, Hillary’s problems with Sanders and Trump may soon be secondary. Schweizer went on to say that even if the DOJ does not indict, a criminal referral from the FBI would be catastrophic to her politically.

No reasonable person would have predicted this outcome dating back to June 16 when candidate Trump and his beautiful spouse descended down the escalator at Trump Tower. That multi second ride has changed the political landscape in more ways than possibly could have been imagined. The contested convention for the Republicans that has been predicted for months is now resonating in Philadelphia with the Democrats. So much for predictions in this volatile election political year!

Steve Vassallo is a contributing columnist and Oxford resident. He can be reached at