EAGLE takes home awards

Published 11:32 am Monday, May 9, 2016

HATTIESBURG — The Oxford EAGLE brought home 24 awards in the annual Louisiana-Mississippi Associated Press Media Editors contest on Saturday.

The awards included 12 for first place, five for second place and seven for third place for work submitted from 2015.

The EAGLE was singled out in its division for first-place awards in five different photo categories, in sports columns and features, spot news, features and business reporting. The staff also brought home first place for its website that was launched last fall, www.oxfordeagle.com.

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“The number and variety of awards The EAGLE received over the weekend highlight the work of the editorial team and showcase well-rounded talents of everyone on staff,” said Editor Stephanie Rebman. “I’m very proud of the hard work day in and day out of the news department here at the EAGLE. We also couldn’t have done so well without a vibrant, compelling community to report on.”


First place

• Alyssa Schnugg, spot news, “Oxford’s Elvis dies at age 51”

• Stephanie Rebman, features, “Immortalizing people”

• Alyssa Schnugg, business, “FNC being sold for $475 million”

• Davis Potter, sports enterprise/feature, “Jimmy Murphrey — The face of athletics at Lafayette High”

• Davis Potter, sports columns, “Ole Miss Rebels coverage”

• Rob Sigler, layout and design, Sunday feature fronts

• Bruce Newman, general news photo, “Sinkhole repair”

• Bruce Newman, feature photo, “Slipping and sliding”

• Bruce Newman, multi-photo, “Southern still life”

• Bruce Newman, portrait/personality, “Puncher’s chance”

• Bruce Newman, sports features photo, “Johnny Hill last game”

• Staff, best website

Second place

• Rob Sigler, business, “Subcontractors try to keep up with city, county housing boom”

• Bruce Newman, feature photo, “Rebel red and blue”

• Bruce Newman, multi-photo, “Sacred art tour”

• Bruce Newman, sports action photo, “Region’s best”

• Bruce Newman, sports feature photo, “Houghton celebrates”

Third place

• Lyndy Berryhill, business, “Locals making friends, earning money with Airbnb.com”

• Stephanie Rebman, public/community service, “Fake IDs becoming easier to detect”

• Bruce Newman, spot news photo, “Blaze battlers”

• Bruce Newman, multi-photo, “No horsing around”

• Bruce Newman, portrait/personality, “Emily Robinson”

• Bruce Newman, sports action photo, “Just inches short”

• Bruce Newman, sports feature photo, “State champs”