Yellow is the color of choice

Published 12:00 pm Tuesday, May 17, 2016

One thing Oxford is not short of is runners and bicyclists.

That’s why if you see people wearing yellow Wednesday, especially on a bicycle, just know that it’s a special awareness day. “Wear Yellow Day” was started in 2011 as a day of awareness by Bike Walk Mississippi, a statewide bicycle advocacy nonprofit.

There is a need for increased awareness not just for while bicycling amidst drivers texting or not paying attention behind the wheel. Bike Walk Mississippi uses the day of yellow to bring to light legal rights and responsibilities for those driving and biking.

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One way it is creating awareness is by letting people know that drivers can completely change lanes to pass a bicyclist instead of just moving over a few feet to go around. There is a legal right for drivers to change lanes in a non-passing zone to safely pass someone. Residents can read more about it at

Learn more about what is legal and not at that site to get around Oxford safer, and consider wearing yellow on Wednesday in a show of solidarity with those on two wheels and to spark conversation with others about that legal right that not everyone may know about.