Oxford School District 5/23/16 agenda

Published 6:00 am Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Board of Trustees

Oxford School District

Monday, 5 p.m.

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Oxford High School

Lecture Center

The subjects to be discussed or considered or upon which any formal action may be taken are as listed below.

I. Call to Order

II. Pledge of Allegiance

III. Additions to and approval of agenda

IV. Recognitions

A. State Geography Bee Winner

B. Girls Track Team – State Championship

C. Boys Track Team – State Championship

D. Tennis Team – State Championship

E. Baseball Team – State Championship

F. Golf Medalist

G. Cafeteria Manager of the Year

H. Employee of the Year

V. Public Participation

VI. Staff/Superintendent reports

A. Staff

1. Financial Statements

2. Capital Projects Update

3. Child Nutrition Report

4. Sex Education Report

5. Healthy Schools Report

6. Summary of MS K-3 Assessment System

7. 3-12 Registration Update

8. Student Attendance Report

9. Teacher Attendance Report

10. School Safety Report

11. School Climate Report

12. Energy Savings Report

B. Superintendent

1. Legislative Update

2. S.A.M.E. Dates

VII. Action consideration

A. Consent business

1. Approve minutes of 4/25/16 and 5/5/16

2. Approve Docket of Claims

3. Approve Financial Statements

4. Declaration of Surplus Property

5. Approve Personnel Agenda

6. Accept Donations/Grants

a. $1,360 from Lafayette County Soil and Water Conservation to BES

to purchase science materials

b. $500 from Lafayette County SWC District to OIS for fifth-grade science environmental materials

c. $1,852 from an anonymous donor to OHS Dance Team to use as needed

d. $2,800 from Bramlett PTO to BES for art supplies

7. Approve agreements/contracts

a. MS Department of Health CHART MOU

b. C-Spire Telephone Services

c. North Mississippi Educational Consortium d. GCA

e. Caredox

f. BSN and Nike g. Greg Fender

8. Approve a Request to Destroy Inactive Cumulative Folders

9. Approve Request to Destroy Financial Records

10. Approve Transfer of Employee’s Children

11. Rescind Policies GAA, GAAA and GAEA

12. Approve Resolution for AABC Appreciation Week

13. Approve Depository Bids

14. Approve Liability Insurance

15. Authorize Advertisement for Bids on Supplementary Student Intervention Materials

B. Unfinished Business

1. Consider the Adoption of Policy EP Drones (second reading)

2. Consider the Revision of Policy EE Food Services Management (second reading)

C. New Business

1. Consider the Adoption of Policy GAA Professional Educator Code of Conduct (first reading)

2. Consider the Adoption of Policy GAEA Staff Protection (first reading)

3. Consider the Adoption of Policy GAAA Equal Opportunity Employment (first reading)

4. Appoint Member to Oxford School District Foundation

VIII. Closed Determination of Executive Session

A. Consider Student Request

IX. Adjournment