May brings the 10-year mark

Published 12:00 pm Monday, May 23, 2016

I love Mississippi in May.

It’s the perfect temperature — just hot enough to make you want to go out and soak up some Vitamin D, but just cool enough you’re not sweating every step of the way. Humidity is pretty much zilch unless a storm system is headed in.

But the best part of the weather for me is the breeze. There’s nothing like sitting out on the patio listening to the wind chimes, birds chirping and having the breeze in your face (as long as it’s not spraying pollen along with air).

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This May marks my 10th anniversary of living in Mississippi. Every May I take note of this anniversary. It’s hard not to when I’m outside in the delightful breeze or enjoying the still-crisp nights.

I always remember when I moved to downtown Tupelo in 2006. The breeze was in the air as we unloaded the truck and as I got to know my new neighborhood while walking my pup. At the end of May and into the summer the crape myrtles bloomed and it was a picturesque time.

I was blessed to be embraced by residents and get involved in community service after being here for a couple years. I also have been blessed to be embraced in Oxford and get involved in service in the short time I’ve been working here. While my anniversary for being in Oxford won’t roll around until July, it is two very short months away. The time has certainly flown, as it usually does when you are busy. I’ve been busy getting to know Oxford folks, whether it is interviewing someone immersed in the arts here for a Sunday Oxford Living piece or someone who deserves a little bit of recognition as our everyday hero for the week. I’ve also been lucky to get involved with the Rotary Club, the United Way of Oxford and Lafayette County and the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society. All three are very important nonprofits for our community.

These 10 years I have spent in Mississippi is the longest I’ve ever stayed put in one place. My family moved every year or two while I was growing up, and until I moved here, the longest I lived in one house was the four years I was in high school in Milwaukee.

So thanks go out to anyone and everyone who has said hi on the Square, welcomed me into their home or business for a story, met me for coffee at High Point or took a little time to be friendly. Thanks for making the 10-year mark a good one.

Stephanie Rebman is editor of The Oxford EAGLE. Contact her at